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  • HY-P700574
    MMP-7 Protein, Rat (P. pastoris, His)

    Matrilysin; Matrin; Matrix metalloproteinase-7; Pump-1 protease; MPSL1; PUMP1

    Rat P. pastoris
    The MMP-7 protein is an enzyme with multifunctional substrate-degrading capabilities, acting on casein, gelatin (types I, III, IV, and V) and fibronectin. As a multifunctional matrix metalloproteinase, MMP-7 contributes to tissue remodeling and renewal, including procollagenase activation, demonstrating its role in the regulation of collagen metabolism. MMP-7 Protein, Rat (P. pastoris, His) is the recombinant rat-derived MMP-7 protein, expressed by P. pastoris , with N-6*His labeled tag. The total length of MMP-7 Protein, Rat (P. pastoris, His) is 170 a.a., with molecular weight of 20.9 kDa.
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