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Orexin Receptor (OX Receptor)

The orexin receptors (hypocretin receptors) are a family of G protein-coupled receptors and consist of orexin receptor 1 (OX1R) and orexin receptor 2 (OX2R) subtypes. Orexin receptors are expressed throughout the central nervous system and are involved in the regulation of the sleep/wake cycle.

Orexin A binding to OX1R and OX2R with similar affinity, and orexin B binding to OX2 with higher affinity than OX1R. OX1R is mainly expressed in the prefrontal and infralimbic cortex, hippocampus, paraventricular thalamic nucleus, and locus coeruleus. OX2R is mainly distributed in the cerebral cortex, septal nuclei, lateral hypothalamus, hippocampus, and hypothalamic nuclei.

Both OX1R and OX2R are coupled via Gq/11 to the activation of phospholipase C, leading to an elevation of intracellular Ca2+ levels. Moreover, OX2R also couples via Gs and Gi/o to the cAMP pathways.

Orexin Receptor (OX Receptor) Related Products (34):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-106224
    Orexin A (human, rat, mouse) Agonist 99.15%
    Orexin A human, rat, mouse, a 33 amino acid excitatory neuropeptide, orchestrates diverse central and peripheral processes. Orexin A human, rat, mouse is a specific, high-affinity agonist for G-protein-coupled receptor OX1R. Orexin A human, rat, mouse has a role in the regulation of feeding behavior. Orexin A human, rat, mouse is an effective anti-nociceptive and anti-hyperalgesic agent in mice and rats.
  • HY-10805
    Almorexant Antagonist 99.01%
    Almorexant (ACT 078573) is a potent and competitive dual orexin 1 receptor (OX1)/orexin 2 receptor (OX2) antagonist with Ki values of 1.3 and 0.17 nM, respectively.
  • HY-16725
    Lemborexant Antagonist 99.92%
    Lemborexant (E-2006) is a reversible, competitive and orally active dual antagonist of the orexin OX1 and OX2 receptors with IC50 values of 6.1 nM and 2.6 nM, respectively. Lemborexant can be treated insomnia.
  • HY-19320
    Orexin 2 Receptor Agonist Agonist 99.72%
    Orexin 2 Receptor Agonist is a potent (EC50 on OX2R is 23 nM) and OX2R-selective (OX1R/OX2R EC50 ratio is 70) agonist.
  • HY-15653
    Filorexant Antagonist 98.95%
    Filorexant (MK-6096) is an orally bioavailable potent and selective reversible antagonist of OX1 and OX2 receptor(<3 nM in binding).
  • HY-10896
    JNJ-10397049 Antagonist 98.72%
    JNJ-10397049 is a potent and selective orexin 2 receptor (OX2R) antagonist, with a pKi of 8.3. JNJ-10397049 is 600-fold selective for the OX2R over the OX1R.
  • HY-136922
    Orexin receptor antagonist 2 Antagonist 98.04%
    Orexin receptor antagonist 2 (compound 30) is a potent orexin receptor antagonist with pKis of 7.69 and 9.78. Orexin receptor antagonist 2 has the potential for the research of insomnia.
  • HY-137093
    Orexin receptor antagonist 3 Antagonist 99.62%
    Orexin receptor antagonist 3 (example 216) is an orexin receptor antagonist, which is extracted from the patent WO2011050198A1.
  • HY-10805A
    Almorexant hydrochloride Antagonist 99.88%
    Almorexant hydrochloride (ACT 078573 hydrochloride) is a potent and competitive dual orexin 1 receptor (OX1)/orexin 2 receptor (OX2) antagonist with Ki values of 1.3 and 0.17 nM, respectively.
  • HY-19914
    MK-1064 Antagonist 99.97%
    MK-1064 is a selective orexin 2 receptor antagonist (2-SORA) for the research of insomnia.
  • HY-100452
    TCS-OX2-29 Antagonist 99.82%
    TCS-OX2-29 is a potent, high affinities and selective orexin-2 receptor (OX2R) antagonist with an IC50 value of 40 nM and a pKI value of 7.5. TCS-OX2-29 displays ~250-fold selectivity for OX2 over OX1.
  • HY-101534
    GSK1059865 Antagonist 99.94%
    GSK1059865 is a potent orexin 1 receptor antagonist.
  • HY-10895A
    SB-334867 free base Antagonist 99.89%
    SB-334867 free base (SB334867A free base) is an excellent, selective and blood–brain barrier permeable orexin-1 (OX1) receptor antagonist, shows selectivity over OX2 (pKb=7.4), 100-fold over 5-HT2B, 5-HT2C with pKi values of 5.4 and 5.3, respectively. SB-334867 reduces ethanol consumption and inhibits the acquisition of morphine-induced sensitization to locomotor activity in vivo.
  • HY-109095
    Nemorexant Antagonist 99.56%
    Nemorexant (ACT-541468) is a potent orexin receptor antagonist extracted from patent WO2015083094A1, compound example 7, has IC50s of 2 nM and 3 nM for Ox1 receptor and Ox2 receptor, respectively.
  • HY-10900
    TCS 1102 Antagonist 99.89%
    TCS 1102 is a potent, dual orexin receptor antagonist (Ki values are 0.2 and 3 nM for OX2 and OX1 receptors respectively).
  • HY-10898
    SB-674042 Antagonist 99.70%
    SB-674042 is a potent and selective non-peptide orexin OX1 receptor antagonist (Kd = 3.76 nM); exhibits 100-fold selectivity for OX1 over OX2 receptors.
  • HY-109012
    Seltorexant Antagonist 99.51%
    Seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) is an orally active, high-affinity, and selective orexin-2 receptor (OX2R) antagonist (pKi values of 8.0 and 8.1 for human and rat OX2R). Seltorexant (JNJ-42847922) crosses the blood-brain barrier and quickly occupies OX2R binding sites in the rat brain.
  • HY-P1339A
    Orexin B, human TFA Agonist 98.15%
    Orexin B, human (TFA) is an endogenous agonist at Orexin receptor with Kis of 420 and 36 nM for OX1 and OX2, respectively.
  • HY-108682
    EMPA Antagonist ≥99.0%
    EMPA is a high-affinity, reversible and selective orexin OX2 receptor antagonist. [3H]EMPA binds to human and rat OX2-HEK293 membranes with KD values of 1.1 and 1.4 nM respectively.
  • HY-70068
    SB-408124 Antagonist 98.87%
    SB-408124 is a non-peptide OX1 receptor antagonist with Kis of 57 nM and 27 nM in whole cell and membrane, respectively. SB-408124 exhibits 50-fold selectivity over OX2 receptor.
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