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MCHR1 (GPR24), also known as Melanin concentrating hormone receptor 1, belongs to a member of the G protein-coupled receptor family 1, is an integral plasma membrane protein which binds melanin-concentrating hormone, and is one of the melanin-concentrating hormone receptors found in all mammals. MCHR1 can inhibit cAMP accumulation and stimulate intracellular calcium flux, and is probably involved in the neuronal regulation of food consumption. Although structurally similar to somatostatin receptors, this protein does not seem to bind somatostatin. MCHR1 is thought to regulate appetite, and also functions in stress, anxiety and depression.

MCHR1 (GPR24) Related Products (10):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-111398
    ALB-127158(a) Antagonist 99.32%
    ALB-127158(a) is a potent and selective melanin concentrating hormone 1 (MCH1) receptor antagonist.
  • HY-100331
    MCH-1 antagonist 1 Antagonist
    MCH-1 antagonist 1 is a potent melanin concentrating hormone (MCH-1) antagonist with a Ki of 2.6 nM. MCH-1 antagonist 1 also inhibits CYP3A4 with an IC50 of 10 μM.
  • HY-12433
    BMS-819881 Antagonist
    BMS-819881 is a melaninconcentrating hormone receptor 1 (MCHR1) antagonist, which binds rat MCHR1 with a Ki of 7 nM. BMS-819881 also is selective and potent for CYP3A4 activity with an EC50 of 13 μM.
  • HY-P1869
    Neuropeptide EI, rat Antagonist
    Neuropeptide EI, rat displays functional melanin concentrating hormone (MCH)-antagonist and melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) agonist activity in different behavioral paradigms.
  • HY-100318
    NGD-4715 Antagonist
    NGD-4715 is a selective and orally active melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 (MCHR1) antagonist .
  • HY-P1525
    Melanin Concentrating Hormone, salmon Agonist
    Melanin Concentrating Hormone, salmon is a 19-amino-acid neuropeptide initially identified in the pituitary gland of teleost fish, which regulates food intake, energy balance, sleep state, and the cardiovascular system. Melanin-concentrating hormone is a ligand for an orphan G protein-coupled receptor (SLC-1/GPR24) and MCHR2.
  • HY-100321
    MCHr1 antagonist 2 Antagonist
    MCHr1 antagonist 2 is an antagonist of melanin concentrating hormone receptor 1, with an IC50 of 65 nM; MCHr1 antagonist 2 also inhibits hERG, with an IC50 of 4.0 nM in IMR-32 cells.
  • HY-100308
    SB-568849 Antagonist
    SB-568849 is a melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 (MCH R1) antagonist with a pKi of 7.7.
  • HY-U00353
    MCHr1 antagonist 1 Antagonist
    MCHr1 antagonist 1 is a selective antagonist of melanin concentrating hormone-1 (MCH1) receptor, with a Kb of 1 nM and a Ki of 4 nM at human MCH1, and may be used to reduce the body mass.
  • HY-U00257
    AZD1979 Antagonist
    AZD1979 is a Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1 (MCHr1) antagonist with an IC50 of ~12 nM.
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