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MedChemExpress (MCE) offers a comprehensive catalog of recombinant proteins with excellent lot-to-lot consistency, superior activity and significantly low endotoxin levels for a variety of applications, including cell growth and differentiation, cell signaling, studies involving disease onset and progression and biopharmaceutical target discovery, protein structure and function analysis. MedChemExpress (MCE) recombinant proteins include: Cytokines and Growth Factors, Immune Checkpoint Proteins, CAR-T related Proteins, CD Antigens, Fc Receptors, Receptor Proteins, Enzymes & Regulators, Complement System, Ubiquitin Related Proteins, Viral Proteins, Biotinylated Proteins, Fluorescent-labeled Recombinant Proteins, GMP-grade Proteins, Animal-free Recombinant Proteins, Others.

  • GMP-grade Proteins
  • Superior Biological Activity
  • Excellent Lot-to-Lot Consistency
  • High Purity
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