Order with MCE to Get Your Free Decapper!

Since today, a free MedChemExpress® 8-Channel Handheld Screw Cap Decapper will be given when the screening library order exceeds €6,500 or $7,000.

About MCE 8-Channel Handheld Screw Cap Decapper
The MedChemExpress® 8-Channel Handheld Screw Cap Decapper is a necessary tool for handling thousands of screw cap tubes. It can cap and open various types of screw cap tubes, making it convenient and fast to operate. This improves experimental efficiency and meets different needs.
Easy operation and rechargeable
Compatible for most popular screw captubes
Please Note
This promotion starts from January 19th, 2024, direct sales limited and only for Europe and Asia–Pacific (except China mainland).
800€ or 850$ can be deducted from the order amount if the decapper is not needed.
The order must be library order, and the combination of multi-orders is not allowed.
This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.
The DEL synthesis and screening, virtual screening, HY-L901 and HY-L902 are excluded from this promotion.
All rights of interpretation belong to MedChemExpress.
If you have any questions you can contact us at [email protected]
 For Europe customers: [email protected]
 For Asia-Pacific customers: [email protected].