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Sales Representative


North America: Dallas, Houston, Austin, Boston, San Francisco, Chapel Hills, Durham


1. Promote MedChemExpress brand and products; reach sales target;

2. Develop new customers and maintain good customer relationships; visit customers regularly;

3. Accept customer inquiries and build customer files; follow up order processing and delivery; provide after-sale service;

4. Attend exhibitions, scientific conference, trade shows; develop marketing campaign; collect customer information.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in chemistry, drug chemistry, biochemistry and related disciplines;

2. Willing to engage in sales work; can bear work pressure;

3. Friendly and talkative, open-minded, strong sense of responsibility;

4. Good communication skills, ambition, strong customer service awareness;

5. Fluent in English, both oral and written.

Note: This position accepts full-time or part-time

Send Resumes to: [email protected]