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Glucocorticoid-induced TNF receptor family-related protein (GITR) is a co-stimulatory cell surface receptor which belongs to the TNFR superfamily (TNFRSF). GITR is expressed on regulatory T cells (Tregs) and some activated immune cells, including effector T lymphocytes, nature killer (NK) cells, and neutrophils. GITR is activated by its ligand, GITRL, which is mainly expressed by antigen-presenting cells (APCs) and endothelial cells. GITR engagement on effector T cells can generate a positive co-stimulatory signal and promote T cell activation and proliferation, whereas the activation of GITR on Tregs abrogates their suppressive function. In addition, GITR triggering increases resistance to tumors and viral infections, and exacerbates autoimmune diseases and inflammation processes.

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