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  • HY-100634S
    4-Hydroxypropranolol D7 hydrochloride

    (±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol D7 hydrochloride

    Adrenergic Receptor Neurological Disease
    4-Hydroxypropranolol D7 hydrochloride ((±)-4-hydroxy Propranolol D7 hydrochloride) is a deuterium labeled 4-Hydroxypropranolol hydrochloride. 4-Hydroxypropranolol hydrochlorid is an active metabolite of Propranolol, with potency comparable to Propranolol. 4-Hydroxypropranolol hydrochlorid inhibits β1- and β2-adrenergic receptors with pA2 values of 8.24 and 8.26, respectively. 4-Hydroxypropranolol hydrochlorid has intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, membrane stabilizing activity and potent antioxidant properties.