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  • HY-D1113
    TFAX 488,TFP

    TFAX 488,TFP, an amine reactive green fluorescent dye, is insensitive to pH in the range 4-10. TFAX 488,TFP forms bright and photostable conjugates with proteins and antibodies. TFAX 488,TFP is less susceptible to spontaneous hydrolysis during conjugation reactions compared to SE or NHS dyes. TFAX 488,TFP also displays greater stability compared to NHS and SE versions, typically lasting several hours. TFAX 488,TFP is suitable for use in flow cytometry, two-photon excitation microscopy (TPE), and super resolution microscopy techniques, such as dSTORM, SIM and STED. Excitation maximum=495 nm; emission maximum=515 nm; extinction coefficient=73,000 M-1cm-1; quantum yield=0.92.