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  • HY-151192

    Histone Demethylase Cancer
    LSD1/2-IN-3 is a selective inhibitor of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1), with a Ki value of 11 nM instead of 7 μM for LSD2. There is aberrant expression of LSD1 in cancer stem cells, LSD1/2-IN-1 inhibits LSD1 cell proliferation.
  • HY-144673

    Histone Demethylase Monoamine Oxidase Cancer
    LSD1-IN-12 (compound 2) is a potent LSD1 inhibitor, with Ki values of 1.1 μM (LSD1), 61 μM (LSD2), 2.3 μM (MAO-A), and 3.5 μM (MAO-B), respectively.
  • HY-17447A
    Tranylcypromine hydrochloride

    SKF 385 hydrochloride

    Monoamine Oxidase Neurological Disease
    Tranylcypromine hydrochloride (SKF 385 hydrochloride) is an irreversible inhibitor of lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1/BHC110) and monoamine oxidase (MAO). Tranylcypromine hydrochloride inhibits LSD1, MAO A and MAO B with IC50s of 20.7, 2.3 and 0.95 μM, respectively. Tranylcypromine hydrochloride can be used for the research of depression.
  • HY-B0735A
    Fenoldopam mesylate

    Fenoldopam methanesulfonate; SKF-82526 mesylate

    Dopamine Receptor Apoptosis Cancer Cardiovascular Disease
    Fenoldopam mesylate (SKF-82526) is a D1 receptor agonist and a novel lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) inhibitor (IC50=0.8974 μM). Fenoldopam mesylate shows anti-hypertensive effects, anti-cancer cell proliferation activity and can induce cells apoptosis.
  • HY-145259

    HDAC Histone Demethylase Cancer
    HDAC6-IN-3 (Compound 14), an antiprostate cancer agent, is a potent, orally active HDAC6 inhibitor with IC50s ranging from 0.02-1.54 μM for HDAC1/2/3/6/8/10. HDAC6-IN-3 is also an effective MAO-A (IC50=0.79 μM) and LSD1 inhibitor.