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  • HY-12875

    Ras Cancer
    BQU57 shows selective inhibition for Ral relative to Ras or Rho and inhibit xenograft tumor growth similar to depletion of Ral by siRNA. The IC50 for BQU57 of 2.0 μM in H2122 and 1.3 μM in H358.
  • HY-123464

    Ras Cancer
    RBC10 is an anti-cancer agent. RBC10 inhibits the binding of Ral to its effector RALBP1. RBC10 also inhibits Ral-mediated cell spreading of murine embryonic fibroblasts and anchorage-independent growth of human cancer cell lines.
  • HY-12873

    Ras Cancer
    RBC8 is a novel small molecule inhibitor of Ral GTPase; has IC50 of 3.5 μM in H2122 cell and 3.4 μM in H358 cell.