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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Areas
  • HY-17518

    IR5885; Valiphenal

    Bacterial Others
    Valifenalate(IR5885; Valiphenal), which is approved for application on high-value crops such as grapes, tomatoes and other vegetables, is effective against various types of mildew and is currently marketed primarily under the Valis moniker; insecticide agent.
  • HY-17518A

    (S,S)-IR5885; (S,S)-Valiphenal

    Fungal Infection
    (S,S)-Valifenalate ((S,S)-IR5885) is an acylamino acid fungicide and is used to control a wide range of fungi belonging to the class of Oomycetes. (S,S)-Valifenalate ((S,S)-IR5885) interferes with the cell-wall synthesis thus affecting the growth stages of the pathogens controlled, both outside (on the spores) or inside the plant (on the mycelium).