1. Signaling Pathways
  2. Neuronal Signaling
    Protein Tyrosine Kinase/RTK
  3. Trk Receptor
  4. TrkB Isoform
  5. TrkB Activator

TrkB Activator

TrkB Activators (2):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-107854
    Activator 99.96%
    N-Acetyl-5-hydroxytryptamine is a Melatonin precursor, and that it can potently activate TrkB receptor.
  • HY-104047
    Activator 99.92%
    LM22B-10 is an activator of TrkB/TrkC neurotrophin receptor, and can induce TrkB, TrkC, AKT and ERK activation in vitro and in vivo.