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  • HY-144768

    Others Others
    Chol-TPP, a mitochondria targeting liposome ligand could be used in pH-redox responsive.
  • HY-144825

    Apoptosis Reactive Oxygen Species Cancer
    Chol-CTPP is a ligand with dual targeting effect on blood-brain barrier (BBB) and glioma cells. Lip-CTPP can be gained by Chol-CTPP and another mitochondria targeting ligand (Chol-TPP). Lip-CTPP is a promising potential carrier to exert the anti-glioma effect of doxorubicin (DOX) and lonidamine (LND) collaboratively. Lip-CTPP elevates the inhibition rate of tumor cell proliferation, migration and invasion, promote apoptosis and necrosis, and interfere with mitochondrial function.