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  • HY-137563

    Potassium Channel Neurological Disease
    A2793 is an efficient dual TWIK-related acid-sensitive K + channel (TASK)-1/TRESK inhibitor, with an IC50 of 6.8 μM for mTRESK. A2764 is more selective for TRESK, and it only moderately influences TREK-1 and TALK-1.
  • HY-135809
    A2764 dihydrochloride

    Potassium Channel Neurological Disease
    A2764 dihydrochloride is a highly selective inhibitor of TRESK (TWIK-related spinal cord K + channel, K2P18.1), which has moderate inhibitory effects on TREK-1 and TALK-1. A2764 dihydrochloride is more sensitive to the activated mTRESK channels (IC50=6.8 μM) than the basal current. A2764 dihydrochloride can lead to cell depolarization and increased excitability in native cells, it has the potential for probing the role of TRESK channel in migraine and nociception.
  • HY-103371

    Chloride Channel Potassium Channel Neurological Disease
    DCPIB is a selective, reversible and potent inhibitor of volume-regulated anion channels (VRAC). DCPIB voltage-dependently activates potassium channels TREK1 and TRAAK and inhibits TRESK, TASK1 and TASK3 (IC50s of 0.14, 0.95, 50.72 μM, respectively). DCPIB is also a selective blocker of swelling-induced chloride current (ICl,swell), with an IC50 of 4.1 μM in CPAE cells.