1. Natural Products
  2. Plants
  3. Rutaceae
  4. Zanthoxylum armatum DC.

Zanthoxylum armatum DC.

Zanthoxylum armatum DC. (3):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-W017212
    Methyl cinnamate 103-26-4 99.99%
    Methyl cinnamate (Methyl 3-phenylpropenoate), an active component of Zanthoxylum armatum, is a widely used natural flavor compound. Methyl cinnamate (Methyl 3-phenylpropenoate) possesses antimicrobial activity and is a tyrosinase inhibitor that can prevent food browning. Methyl cinnamate (Methyl 3-phenylpropenoate) has antiadipogenic activity through mechanisms mediated, in part, by the CaMKK2-AMPK signaling pathway.
    Methyl cinnamate
  • HY-N3139
    Ombuin 529-40-8 98.96%
    Ombuin, isolated from Zanthoxylum armatum, displays broad spectrum antibacterial effect with MIC ranges from 125 to 500 μg/mL.
  • HY-N3693
    De-4′-O-methylyangambin 149250-48-6
    De-4’-O-methylyangambin is a lignan that can be isolated from Z. armatum. lignans are reported to has anti-inflammatory activity.