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  5. Growth Differentiation Factor 7 (GDF-7/BMP-12)

Growth Differentiation Factor 7 (GDF-7/BMP-12)

Cat. No. Product Name / Synonyms Species Source
  • HY-P700021AF
    Animal-Free BMP-12/GDF-7 Protein, Human (His)

    Growth/Differentiation Factor-7; GDF-7

    Human E. coli
    BMP-12/GDF-7 Protein, existing as a homodimer with disulfide linkages, is hypothesized to influence the motor area of the primate neocortex. Its distinct structural characteristics suggest a unique mode of action, possibly contributing to cellular events integral to motor area function. The precise details of BMP-12/GDF-7 Protein's role in this neural context and its implications in motor-related processes await further research. Animal-Free BMP-12/GDF-7 Protein, Human (His) is the recombinant human-derived animal-FreeBMP-12/GDF-7 protein, expressed by E. coli , with C-His labeled tag. The total length of Animal-Free BMP-12/GDF-7 Protein, Human (His) is 129 a.a., with molecular weight of ~14.95 kDa.
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