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  • HY-10211

    17-AAG; NSC 330507; CP 127374

    HSP Autophagy Mitophagy Bacterial Apoptosis Antibiotic Cancer Infection
    Tanespimycin (17-AAG) is a potent HSP90 inhibitor with an IC50 of 5 nM, having a 100-fold higher binding affinity for tumour cell derived HSP90 than normal cell derived HSP90. Tanespimycin depletes cellular STK38/NDR1 and reduces STK38 kinase activity. Tanespimycin also downregulates the stk38 gene expression.
  • HY-124653
    HSP27 inhibitor J2


    HSP Cancer
    HSP27 inhibitor J2 (J2) is a HSP27 inhibitor, which significantly induces abnormal HSP27 dimer formation and inhibits a production of HSP27 giant polymers, thereby having an effect of inhibiting a chaperone function of the HSP27 and reducing a cell protection function thereof. HSP27 inhibitor J2 (J2) remarkably enhances the antiproliferative activity of 17-AAG and sensitizes cisplatin-induced lung cancer cell growth inhibition.