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  • HY-N1446A
    Glycerol Monoleate

    Others Others
    Glycerol Monoleate is a nontoxic, biodegradable and biocompatible, lipophilic glycerol fatty acid ester. Glycerol monooleate has hemolytic properties. glycerol monooleate is used as an emulsifier and an absorption enhancer in combination with bile salts. Glycerol Monoleate can be used in drug delivery systems and siRNA delivery in Vitro.
  • HY-N1446
    Oleic acid

    9-cis-Octadecenoic acid; 9Z-Octadecenoic acid

    Na+/K+ ATPase Endogenous Metabolite Apoptosis Cancer Metabolic Disease
    Oleic acid (9-cis-Octadecenoic acid) is an abundant monounsaturated fatty acid. Oleic acid is a Na +/K + ATPase activator.