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  • HY-136379


    Ras Cancer
    CID44216842 (Cdc42-IN-1) is a potent Cdc42-selective guanine nucleotide binding lead inhibitor. The EC50s for Cdc42 WT and Cdc42Q61L mutant are 1.0 and 1.2 μM in GTP binding assay, respectively. The EC50s for Cdc42 WT and Cdc42Q61L mutant are 0.3 and 0.5 μM in GDP binding assay, respectively. Use as a molecular probe.
  • HY-136383


    Ras Apoptosis Cancer
    AZA1 is a potent dual inhibitor of Rac1 and Cdc42. AZA1 induces prostate cancer cells apoptosis and inhibits prostate cancer cells proliferation, migration and invasion.
  • HY-113849


    Ras Inflammation/Immunology
    MLS-573151 (MLS000573151) is a selective GTPase Cdc42 inhibitor with an EC50 of 2 μM. MLS-573151 is inactive against other GTPases family members, such as Rab2, Rab7, H-Ras, Rac1, Rac 2 and RhoA wild-type. MLS-573151 acts by blocking the binding of GTP to Cdc42.