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  4. Lithospermum canescens Lehm.

Lithospermum canescens Lehm.

Lithospermum canescens Lehm. (9):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0822
    Shikonin 517-89-5 98.62%
    Shikonin is a major component of a Chinese herbal medicine named zicao. Shikonin is a potent TMEM16A chloride channel inhibitor with an IC50 of 6.5 μM. Shikonin is a specific pyruvate kinase M2 (PKM2) inhibitor and can also inhibit TNF-α and NF-κB pathway. Shikonin decreases exosome secretion through the inhibition of glycolysis. Shikonin inhibits AIM2 inflammasome activation.
  • HY-N6012
    (-)-Alkannin 517-88-4 99.58%
    (-)-Alkannin, found in Alkanna tinctoria, is used as a food coloring. (-)-Alkannin shows anticancer activity, arrests cell cycle, and induces apoptosis. (-)-Alkannin improves hepatic inflammation in a Rho-kinase pathway.
  • HY-N5112B
    β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin 24502-79-2 99.64%
    β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin (Isoarnebin I) is a naphthoquinone derivative isolated from Arnebia nobilis, promotes angiogenesis by inducing eNOS, VEGF and HIF-1α expression through the PI3K-dependent pathway.β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin has anti-tumor activity.
  • HY-N4201
    β-Hydroxyisovalerylshikonin 7415-78-3 99.83%
    Beta-hydroxyisovalerylshikonin is a natural product isolated from Lithospermium radix, acts as a potent inhibitor of protein tyrosine kinases (PTK), with IC50s of 0.7μM and 1μM for EGFR and v-Src receptor, respectively. Beta-hydroxyisovalerylshikonin is effective against a wide variety of tumor cell lines, and most efficiently induces cell-death in NCI-H522 and DMS114 cells.
  • HY-N5112
    (Rac)-Arnebin 1 5162-01-6
    (Rac)-Arnebin 1 ((Rac)-β,β-Dimethylacrylalkannin) is the racemate of β,β-Dimethylacrylalkannin and/or β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin. β,β-Dimethylacrylalkannin and β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin are napthoquinones isolated from Arnebia nobilis. β,β-Dimethylacrylshikonin has anti-tumor activity.
    (Rac)-Arnebin 1
  • HY-N144101
    SARS-CoV MPro-IN-2 81418-42-0
    SARS-CoV MPro-IN-2 (compound 15) is a potent inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2 Mpro with an IC50 value of 72.07 nM. The main protease (Mpro) of the virus as the major enzyme processing viral polyproteins contributes to the replication and transcription of SARS-CoV-2 in host cells, and has been characterized as an attractive target in drug discovery. SARS-CoV MPro-IN-2 has the potential for the research of COVID-19.
    SARS-CoV MPro-IN-2
  • HY-N2592
    Isobutylshikonin 52438-12-7
    Isobutylshikonin is a kind of shikonin pigments from hairy root culture of Lithospermum canescens.
  • HY-N6930
    Shikonofuran A 85022-66-8
    Shikonofuran A is a natural product isolated from the root of Lithosperraum erythrorhizon Sieb.
    Shikonofuran A
  • HY-127011
    7-Acetylintermedine 74243-01-9
    7-Acetylintermedine is a hepatotoxic botanical pyrrolizidine alkaloid.