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  2. GPCR/G Protein
  3. CCR
  4. CCR8 Isoform


Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-119217
    Antagonist 99.69%
    AZ084 is a potent, selective, allosteric and oral active CCR8 allosteric antagonist, with a Ki of 0.9 nM. Has potential to treat asthma. AZ084 restrains the formation of the immunologically tolerant pre-metastatic niche (PMN) and tumor cells metastasis in lung by downregulating Treg differentiation. AZ084 can be used in studies of asthma and cancer.
  • HY-122219
    Antagonist 98.90%
    R243 is a potent and selective CCR8 antagonist. R243 inhibits CCL1/CCR8 interaction and inhibits CCR8 signaling and chemotaxis. R243 has antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • HY-101038A
    ZK756326 dihydrochloride
    Agonist 99.88%
    ZK756326 dihydrochloride is a nonpeptide chemokine receptor agonist for the CC chemokine receptor CCR8.
  • HY-121885
    Agonist 99.76%
    LMD-009 is a selective CCR8 nonpeptide agonist. LMD-009 mediates chemotaxis, inositol phosphate accumulation, and calcium release in high potencies with EC50s from 11 to 87 nM.
  • HY-144197
    CCR8 antagonist 1
    Antagonist 98.71%
    CCR8 antagonist 1 (compound 15) is a potente human CCR8 antagonist with a Ki of 1.6 nM.
  • HY-153669
    SB-649701 is a potent human CCR8 antagonist, with a pIC50 of 7.7. AZ084 can be used for the research of asthma.
  • HY-144200
    CCR8 antagonist 2
    Antagonist 99.71%
    CCR8 antagonist 2 is a potent antagonist of CCR8. CCR8 (C-C Motif Chemokine Receptor 8) is predominantly expressed on Treg cells and Th2 cells, but not on Th1 cells. CCR8 antagonist 2 inhibits CCR8 activity, which may be used in the research of diseases mediated by CCR8, such as cancer, and/or neuropathic pain (extracted from patent WO2022000443A1, compound 220).
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