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  • HY-P71400
    UBE2D4 Protein, Human (GST)

    Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 D4; HBUCE1; Ubiquitin Carrier Protein D4; Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase D4; UBE2D4; UBCH5D

    Human E. coli
    UBE2D4 Protein, a vital ubiquitin-proteasome system component, acts as an E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme, accepting ubiquitin from the E1 complex and catalyzing its covalent attachment to proteins. In vitro, UBE2D4 demonstrates versatility by promoting polyubiquitination with all seven ubiquitin Lys residues, potentially favoring 'Lys-11' and 'Lys-48'-linked polyubiquitination. This dynamic ubiquitin chain range suggests UBE2D4's involvement in diverse cellular processes and regulatory pathways, highlighting its significance in the intricate network of protein degradation and turnover. UBE2D4 Protein, Human (GST) is the recombinant human-derived UBE2D4 protein, expressed by E. coli, with N-GST labeled tag. The total length of UBE2D4 Protein, Human (GST) is 147 a.a., with molecular weight of ~40.0 kDa.
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