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  • HY-N6052

    Estrogen Receptor/ERR Others
    (±)-Medicarpin is a pterocarpan, a type of isoflavonoid. (±)-Medicarpin has been isolated from several medicinal plant species with various biological effects, including Sophora japonica as a phytoalexin, Zollernia paraensis and Platymiscium yucatamun with antifungal properties, Machaerium aristulatum, Platymiscium floribundum, and Brazilian red propolis with cytotoxic effects, and Dalbergia oliveri as a larvicidal compound. (±)-Medicarpin potently inhibits osteoclastogenesis and prevents estrogen-deficient bone loss but does not display uterine estrogenicity. It also promotes bone healing and increases bone mass by osteoblast differentiation with estrogen receptor (ER) β-mediated osteogenic action.