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  • HY-114996
    ADAMTS-5 Inhibitor
    3 Publications Verification

    ADAMTS Inflammation/Immunology
    ADAMTS-5 Inhibitor is a potent ADAMTS-5 (aggrecanase-2) inhibitor, with an IC50 of 1.1 µM. ADAMTS-5 Inhibitor shows >40-fold functional selectivity over ADAMTS-4 (aggrecanase-1) .
    <em>ADAMTS</em>-5 <em>Inhibitor</em>
  • HY-137430

    GLPG1972; S201086

    ADAMTS Metabolic Disease
    Aldumastat (GLPG1972; S201086) is a potent, seletive and orally active ADAMTS-5 (IC50=19 nM) inhibitor, and has 8-fold seletivity over ADAMTS-4 (IC50=156 nM). Aldumastat has anticatabolic activity and is used for osteoarthritis research .
  • HY-145061

    ADAMTS Metabolic Disease Inflammation/Immunology
    ADAMTS-5-IN-3 (Example 37-2) is a potent inhibitor of ADAMTS-5 and ADAMTS-4 with IC50s of 8 and 12 nM, respectively. ADAMTS-5-IN-3 can be used for the research of diseases involving degradation of cartilage or disruption of cartilage homeostasis, in particular osteoarthrosis and/or rheumatoid arthritis .

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