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Na+/HCO3- Cotransporter

Na/HCO3 cotransporter; NBC

The electrogenic Na/HCO3 cotransporter (symporter) is the major HCO3- transporter of the renal proximal tubule (PiT), located at the basolateral membrane (BLM), and also plays a noteworthy role in Na+ reabsorption. HCO3 transporters are important for regulation of intracellular pH (pHi) in most cells and also thereby regulate blood pH. This electrogenic Na/HCO3 cotransporter is first discovered using perfused Ambystoma tigrinum (salamander) renal, proximal tubules. This novel cotransporter mediates the movement of one Na+ ion with several HCO3- ions, making it electrogenic, is blocked by stilbene compounds, but does not depend on intra- or extracellular Cl-. This and similar cotransporters have been found in a number of tissues and cell types.

Na+/HCO3- Cotransporter Related Products (1):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-15529
    Inhibitor 99.69%
    S0859 is a selective, high-affinity generic Na+/HCO3- transporter (NBC) inhibitor. S0859 reversibly inhibits NBC-mediated intracellular pH (pHi) recovery (Ki=1.7 μM, full inhibition at approximately 30 μM).