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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Areas
  • HY-N0737
    Harmine hydrochloride

    Telepathine hydrochloride

    DYRK 5-HT Receptor Cancer Neurological Disease
    Harmine Hydrochloride (Telepathine Hydrochloride) is a natural DYRK inhibitor with anticancer and anti-inflammatory activities. Harmine has a high affinity of 5-HT2A serotonin receptor, with an Ki of 397 nM.
  • HY-145908
    Antitumor agent-49

    Others Cancer
    Antitumor agent-49 (Compound 10) is a Harmine derivative-furoxan hybrids containing NO donor, with antitumor activities. Antitumor agent-49 shows cytotoxic activity against HepG2 cells with an IC50 of 1.79 µM. Antitumor agent-49 produces high levels of NO in vitro.
  • HY-143241

    HDAC MDM-2/p53 Apoptosis Cancer
    HDAC-IN-34 (compound 27) is a potent HDAC inhibitor, with IC50 values of 0.022 and 0.45 μM for HDAC1 and HDAC6, respectively. HDAC-IN-34 can bind to DNA and cause DNA damage. HDAC-IN-34 causes cells apoptosis through p53 signaling pathway. HDAC-IN-34 exhibits significant anti-proliferation effect against HCT-116 cells, with an IC50 of 1.41 μM.