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  4. Caesalpinia crista L.

Caesalpinia crista L.

Caesalpinia crista L. (3):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N10125
    Ainsliadimer C 1365995-73-8
    Ainsliadimer C, a potential activator of SIRT1, ameliorates inflammatory responses in adipose tissue.
    Ainsliadimer C
  • HY-N2753
    7-Acetoxybonducellpin C 197781-86-5
    7-Acetoxybonducellpin C, a diterpenoid, is a nature product that could be isolated from the seed kernels of Caesalpinia crista. 7-Acetoxybonducellpin C has antimalarial activity.
    7-Acetoxybonducellpin C
  • HY-N1715
    2-Acetoxy-3-deacetoxycaesaldekarin e 18326-06-2
    2-Acetoxy-3-deacetoxycaesaldekarin e (compound 11) is a furanoditerpene that can be found in Caesalpinia crista.
    2-Acetoxy-3-deacetoxycaesaldekarin e