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Alismataceae (11):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0805
    Alisol B 23-acetate 26575-95-1 99.84%
    Alisol B 23-acetate (23-Acetylalismol B), a natural triterpenoid, produces protective effects against EE-induced cholestasis, due to FXR-mediated gene regulation.
    Alisol B 23-acetate
  • HY-N0854
    Alisol F 155521-45-2 ≥99.0%
    Alisol F is a triterpene isolated from Alisma orientalis, has immunosuppressive and anti-virus functions. Alisol F exhibits inhibitory activity in vitro on hepatitis B virus (HBV) surface antigen (HBsAg) secretion of the HepG2.2.15 cell line with an IC50 of 0.6 μM.
    Alisol F
  • HY-N0853
    Alisol A 19885-10-0 99.22%
    Alisol A is a natural product.
    Alisol A
  • HY-N0853A
    Alisol A 24-acetate 18674-16-3 ≥98.0%
    Alisol A 24-acetate (Alisol A 24-monoacetate) is a natural product.
    Alisol A 24-acetate
  • HY-N0855
    Alisol G 155521-46-3 ≥98.0%
    Alisol G is a natural product extracted from Rhizoma Alismatis.
    Alisol G
  • HY-N0856
    Alisol C 23-acetate 26575-93-9 99.86%
    Alisol C 23-acetate, a natural product extracted from Alisma orientale, can significantly and strongly inhibit DTH response after oral administration.
    Alisol C 23-acetate
  • HY-N5108
    4β,12-Dihydroxyguaian-6,10-diene 461644-90-6
    4β,12-Dihydroxyguaian-6,10-diene, a natural terpene, is isolated from the rhizomes of Alisma orientale.
  • HY-N6993
    25-O-Methylalisol A 155801-00-6
    25-O-Methylalisol A is a protostane triterpenoids isolated from Alisma orientale. The dried rhizomes of the aquatic plant Alisma orientale known as Rhizoma Alismatis is a common traditional Chinese medicine used for diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and hypolipidemic purposes, as well as the treatment of diabetes.
    25-O-Methylalisol A
  • HY-N5081
    1αH,5αH-Guaia-6-ene-4β,10β-diol 2013537-81-8
    1αH,5αH-Guaia-6-ene-4β,10β-diol is a sesquiterpenoid derivative identified from Alisma orientale. 1αH,5αH-Guaia-6-ene-4β,10β-diol has anti-cancer activities.
  • HY-N0805A
    Alisol B 18649-93-9 99.57%
    Alisol B is a potentially novel therapeutic compound for bone disorders by targeting the differentiation of osteoclasts as well as their functions.
    Alisol B
  • HY-N0426
    Alismoxide 87701-68-6
    Alismoxide is a natural product.