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  4. Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) O. Ktze.

Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) O. Ktze.

Clinopodium chinense (Benth.) O. Ktze. (3):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N2131
    Isosakuranetin 480-43-3 99.88%
    Isosakuranetin is a flavanone flavonoid which can be found in the fruit of Citrus bergamia.
  • HY-N9402
    Prosaikogenin A 99365-21-6
    Prosaikogenin A is a triterpene saponin isolated from Clinopodium chinense. Prosaikogenin A has significant promoting effects on platelet aggregation with an EC50 value of 12.2 μM.
    Prosaikogenin A
  • HY-N8496
    Clinopodiside A 142809-89-0
    Clinopodiside A, a triterpenoid saponin, is isolated from Clinopodium polycephalum which is a popular Chinese traditional medicinal herb.
    Clinopodiside A