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  4. Tephrosia purpurea (L.) Pers.

Tephrosia purpurea (L.) Pers.

Tephrosia purpurea (L.) Pers. (6):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-14248
    Letrozole 112809-51-5 99.92%
    Letrozole (CGS 20267) is a potent, selective, reversible and orally active non-steroidal inhibitor of aromatase, with an IC50 of 11.5 nM. Letrozole selective inhibits estrogen biosynthesis, and can be used for the research of breast cancer.
  • HY-N1388
    Tussilagone 104012-37-5 99.46%
    Tussilagone, a major active component in Tussilago farfara, has anti-inflammatory effect. Tussilagone ameliorates inflammatory responses in dextran sulphate sodium-induced murine colitis. Tussilagone inhibits the inflammatory response and improves survival in cecal ligation and puncture (CLP)-induced septic mice.
  • HY-N9022
    (S)-1-(4-Hydroxy-2,2-dimethylchroman-6-yl)ethanone 1890153-71-5
    (S)-1-(4-Hydroxy-2,2-dimethylchroman-6-yl)ethanone is an enantiopure chiral alcohol. Stereoselective reduction of prochiral ketones is studied by using both cell cultures and wild tissues of various endemic plant species.
  • HY-122509
    Senkirkin 2318-18-5
    Senkirkin, a pyrrolizidine alkaloid, occured in the aerial parts of the medicinal plant Tussilago farfara, could induce chromosome damage in human lymphocytes.
  • HY-N1166A
    (Rac)-Tephrosin 561-35-3
    (Rac)-Tephrosin is a natural product that can be found in Tephrosia purpurea.
  • HY-N3384
    Ligucyperonol 105108-20-1
    Ligucyperonol, a compound that can be isolated from Tussilago farfara L., has some antioxidative stress activity.