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Puromycin aminonucleoside (Synonyms: NSC 3056)

Cat. No.: HY-15695 Purity: 99.59%
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Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) is the aminonucleoside portion of the antibiotic puromycin, and used in nephrosis animal models.

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Puromycin aminonucleoside Chemical Structure

Puromycin aminonucleoside Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 58-60-6

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Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) is the aminonucleoside portion of the antibiotic puromycin, and used in nephrosis animal models.

In Vitro

Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) (30 μg/mL) markedly increases p53 protein levels in podocytes. Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056)-induced podocyte apoptosis is p53 dependent and supports the notion that dexamethasone exerts an antiapoptotic effect on cells that are exposed to Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) through the downregulation of p53. Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) induces podocyte apoptosis in a time-dependent manner[1]. The IC50 values for PMAT-expressing and vector-transfected cells are 48.9 and 122.1 μM, respectively, suggesting expression of PMAT-enhanced cell sensitivity to Puromycin aminonucleoside. Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) (250 μM) is toxic to both PMAT-expressing and vector-transfected cells. Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) uptake in PMAT-expressing cells is fourfold higher at pH 6.6 than that at pH 7.4[2].

In Vivo

The number of podocytes per glomerulus is 95.5±17.6 in the control rats, 90.7 on Day 4 in Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) (8 mg/100 g, i.v.)-treated nephrosis rats. The amount of nephrin per glomerulus in control rats is 1.02±0.11 fmol and those in Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) nephrosis rats are reduced to 0.46±0.06 fmol and 0.35±0.04 fmol on Day 4 and Day 7. The nephrin amount per podocyte is significantly decreased association with the development of proteinuria in Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) nephrosis rats[3]. Rats given Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) (100 mg/kg, s.c.) gain less weight and their serum creatinine levels are higher than the control rats[4].

Molecular Weight







Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

Powder -20°C 3 years
  4°C 2 years
In solvent -80°C 6 months
  -20°C 1 month
Solvent & Solubility
In Vitro: 

H2O : 33.33 mg/mL (113.25 mM; Need ultrasonic)

DMSO : ≥ 32 mg/mL (108.73 mM)

*"≥" means soluble, but saturation unknown.

Stock Solutions
Concentration Solvent Mass 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg
1 mM 3.3978 mL 16.9889 mL 33.9778 mL
5 mM 0.6796 mL 3.3978 mL 6.7956 mL
10 mM 0.3398 mL 1.6989 mL 3.3978 mL
*Please refer to the solubility information to select the appropriate solvent.
Cell Assay

Cells are seeded in MEM with 10% FBS on 96-well plates at a density of 5,000 cells/well. After appr 48-h incubation (appr 40-50% confluence), cells are changed to fresh growth medium containing Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) at various concentrations. For the protection experiment, cells are incubated in medium containing 250 μM Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) with or without the PMAT inhibitor decynium-22 (2 μM). After a total of 72-h incubation in a 95% O2 incubator at 37°C, cells are washed and the plates. The IC50 values are determined by fitting the cell growth data to the following model using nonlinear regression (WinNonLin version 3.2): S=Smax − [Smax − S0] × [Cγ/(Cγ + IC50γ)], where S is the cell survival expressed as percentage of the optical density to untreated control cells, Smax is the maximal cell survival, S0 is the lowest residual cell survival at the high drug concentration, C is Puromycin aminonucleoside concentration, γ is the Hill coefficient, and IC50 is the Puromycin aminonucleoside concentration leading to half-maximal cell survival. Five to six determinations are carried out within each experiment, and four independent experiments are performed.

MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.

Animal Administration

Male F344 rats at 11 weeks of age are purchased from JaPuromycin aminonucleoside SLC. Normal rats and a Puromycin aminonucleoside nephrosis model are used in the present study. Puromycin aminonucleoside (NSC 3056) nephrosis is induced in rats by a single intravenous injection of Puromycin aminonucleoside at a dose of 8 mg/100 g body weight in saline. Control animals receive an identical volume of saline. Nephrotic rats (n=6 per group) are studied at Days 4 and 7 after the Puromycin aminonucleoside injection.

MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.


Purity: 99.59%

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