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Cathepsin B

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-100350
    CA-074 methyl ester
    Inhibitor 99.15%
    CA-074 methyl ester is a specific inhibitor of Cathepsin B, which has potent bioactivities such as neuroprotective, anti-cancer, and anti-inflamatory effects.
  • HY-P0109A
    Inhibitor 99.14%
    Z-FA-FMK ((1S)-Z-FA-FMK) is a potent Cathepsin B and L inhibitor. Z-FA-FMK blocks the induction of DEVDase activity, DNA fragmentation, and externalization of phosphatidylserine by selective synthetic retinoid-related molecules (RRMs). Z-FA-FMK inhibits apoptosis. Z-FA-FMK inhibits caspase activity and selectively inhibits recombinant effector caspases 2, -3, -6, and -7. Z-FA-FMK is a viral inhibitor. Z-FA-FMK inhibits reovirus replication in a susceptible host.
  • HY-15100
    Inhibitor 98.00%
    Balicatib (AAE581) is a potent, orally active and selective cathepsin K inhibitor with IC50 values of 22, 61, 48, 2900 nM for cathepsin K, cathepsin B, cathepsin L, cathepsin S, respectively. Balicatib inhibits bone turnover, decreases bone formation rates. Balicatib has the potential for the research of osteoporosis.
  • HY-115733
    Cathepsin L-IN-2
    Inhibitor 98.27%
    Cathepsin L-IN-2 (Z-Phe-Phe-FMK) is a potent and irreversible cathepsin L and cathepsin B inhibitor.
  • HY-128971
    Inhibitor 99.87%
    LHVS is a potent, non-selective, irreversible, cell-permeable cysteine protease and cathepsin inhibitor. LHVS decreases actin ring formation. LHVS inhibits T. gondii invasion with an IC50 of 10 μM.
  • HY-161244
    FGA145 is a dual, selective inhibitor for Mpro and human Cathepsin L, with Kis of 3.71 μM, 9.82 μM and 53 nM, for Mal-Mpro, pET21-Mpro and Cathepsin L, respectively. FGA145 reveals a multitarget effects in the antiviral activity.
  • HY-103352
    Inhibitor 99.96%
    L-006235 (L-235) is a potent, selective, reversible and orally active inhibitor of cathepsin K, with an IC50 of 5 nM in bone resorption assay. L-006235 shows selectivity for cathepsin K (Ki=0.2 nM) over cathepsin B, cathepsin L, and cathepsin S (Ki=1, 6, and 47 μM, respectively). L-006235 can reduce collagen degradation and prevent bone loss.
  • HY-P0111
    Inhibitor ≥98.0%
    Z-WEHD-FMK is a potent, cell-permeable and irreversible caspase-1/5 inhibitor. Z-WEHD-FMK also exhibits a robust inhibitory effect on cathepsin B activity (IC50=6 μM). Z-WEHD-FMK can be used to investigate cells for evidence of apoptosis.
  • HY-N4289
    3-Epiursolic Acid
    Inhibitor 99.49%
    3-Epiursolic Acid is a triterpenoid that can be isolated from Eriobotrya japonica, acts as a competitive inhibitor of cathepsin L (IC50, 6.5 μM; Ki, 19.5 μM), with no obvious effect on cathepsin B.
  • HY-147774
    Cathepsin K inhibitor 6
    Inhibitor 98.18%
    Cathepsin K inhibitor 6 (compound 19) is an inhibitor of cathepsin K (Cat K) with an IC50 of 17 nM. Cathepsin K inhibitor 6 also has inhibitory effects on other isoforms, with IC50s of 0.05 μM (Cat L) and 0.3 μM (Cat B), respectively.
  • HY-P4532
    Ac-Leu-Val-Lys-Aldehyde is a potent cathepsin B inhibitor with IC50s of 4 nM. Ac-Leu-Val-Lys-Aldehyde significantly reduces quinolinic acid (HY-100807)-induced striatal cell death and causes accumulation of LC3-II.
  • HY-D1523
    Z-Arg-Arg-4MβNA triacetate
    Z-Arg-Arg-4MβNA triacetate is a cathepsin B-specific substrate and can produce fluorescent end product 4MβNA (λex = 355 nm, λem = 430 nm).
  • HY-153614
    Inhibitor ≥99.0%
    Ac-VLPE-FMK, a tetrapeptidyl mono-fluoromethyl ketone (m-FMK), is a Cat-B and Cat-L inhibitor. Ac-VLPE-FMK can be used for the research of cancer aggressiveness.
  • HY-152222
    SPR38 is a potent SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitor, with a Ki of 0.260 μM. SPR38 also inhibits hCatL and hCatB, with Ki values of 1.92 μM and 11.1 μM, respectively.
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