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  5. ER-alpha
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  • HY-P70248
    ER alpha/ESR1 Protein, Human (His)

    rHuEstrogen receptor/ER alpha, His; Estrogen Receptor; ER; ER-Alpha; Estradiol Receptor; Nuclear Receptor Subfamily 3 Group A Member 1; ESR1; ESR; NR3A1

    Human E. coli
    The ER α/ESR1 protein is a nuclear receptor that plays a critical regulatory role in gene expression, affecting cell proliferation and differentiation. Ligand-dependent transactivation involves binding of homodimers to estrogen response elements or association with transcription factors. ER alpha/ESR1 Protein, Human (His) is the recombinant human-derived ER alpha/ESR1 protein, expressed by E. coli , with N-6*His labeled tag. The total length of ER alpha/ESR1 Protein, Human (His) is 116 a.a., with molecular weight of 12-14 kDa.
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