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Ubiquitin Conjugating Enzyme E2 V2

Cat. No. Product Name / Synonyms Species Source
  • HY-P71411
    UBE2V2 Protein, Human (His)

    Ubiquitin-Conjugating Enzyme E2 Variant 2; DDVit 1; Enterocyte Differentiation-Associated Factor 1; EDAF-1; Enterocyte Differentiation-Promoting Factor 1; EDPF-1; MMS2 Homolog; Vitamin D3-Inducible Protein; UBE2V2; MMS2; UEV2

    Human E. coli
    UBE2V2 protein lacks independent ubiquitin ligase activity and forms a functional heterodimer with UBE2N. Together, they catalyze nonclassical polyubiquitin chain synthesis ("Lys-63"), distinct from proteasome-driven degradation. UBE2V2 Protein, Human (His) is the recombinant human-derived UBE2V2 protein, expressed by E. coli , with N-6*His labeled tag. The total length of UBE2V2 Protein, Human (His) is 145 a.a., with molecular weight of ~18.0 kDa.
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