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PEDF Protein, Human

Cat. No.: HY-P7054
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PEDF Protein, Human is a secreted glycoprotein and a non-inhibitory member of the serine protease inhibitor (serpin) family.

For research use only. We do not sell to patients.

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rHuPEDF; SerpinF1; EPC-1



E. coli


P36955 (Q20-P418)

Gene ID


Molecular Weight

Approximately 44.4 kDa

AA Sequence


Biological Activity
The ED50 is <2 ng/mL as measured by human Saos2 cells, corresponding to a specific activity of >5.0 × 105 units/mg.

Lyophilized powder.


Lyophilized after extensive dialysis against 20 mM PB, pH 7.4, 150 mM NaCl.

Endotoxin Level

<1 EU/μg, determined by LAL method.


It is not recommended to reconstitute to a concentration less than 100 μg/mL in sterile distilled water or aqueous buffer containing 0.1% BSA.

Storage & Stability

Stored at -20°C. After reconstitution, it is stable at 4°C for 1 week or -20°C for longer. It is recommended to freeze aliquots at -20°C or -80°C for extended storage.


Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere.


Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor belongs to the serine protease inhibitor (serpin) family. The Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor gene contains a typical signalpeptide sequence, initiator methionine codon, and polyadenylylation signal and matches the size of other members of the serpin superfamily. Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor is a neurotrophic agent[1]. It is widely expressed in human fetal and adult tissues but its expression decreases with age and in malignant tissues. The main anticancer activities of Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor derive from its dual effects, either indirectly on the tumor microenvironment (indirect antitumor action) or directly on the tumor itself (direct antitumor influence)[2]. Pigment Epithelium-derived Factor has complex neurotrophic, neuroprotective, anti-angiogenic, anti-oxidative, and anti-inflammatory properties, and could potentially be exploited as a therapeutic option for the treatment of vascular complications in diabetes[3].

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