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Cat. No. Product Name Target Research Areas
  • HY-135327
    Amphotericin B methyl ester

    HIV Fungal Infection
    Amphotericin B methyl ester is the methyl ester derivative of the polyene antibiotic Amphotericin B (A634250). Amphotericin B methyl ester is the cholesterol-binding compound possesses significant antifungal activity. Amphotericin B methyl ester disrupts HIV-1 particle production and potently inhibits HIV-1 replication.
  • HY-135416
    Streptolysin O

    Endogenous Metabolite Infection
    Streptolysin O, a group A streptococcal toxin, is a well-characterized oxygen-labile prototype of a cholesterol-binding bacterial exotoxin. Streptolysin O causes both lysis of cells and cardiotoxicity. Streptolysin O is widely used for the controlled permeabilization of cell membranes. Streptolysin O exists in two forms, a reduced active state and an oxidized reversibly inactive state.