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  4. Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt.

Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt.

Synonyms: perilla

Perilla frutescens (L.) Britt. (6):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0728
    α-Linolenic acid 463-40-1 ≥99.0%
    α-Linolenic acid, isolated from seed oils, is an essential fatty acid that cannot be synthesized by humans. α-Linolenic acid can affect the process of thrombotic through the modulation of PI3K/Akt signaling. α-Linolenic acid possess the anti-arrhythmic properties and is related to cardiovascular disease and cancer.
    α-Linolenic acid
  • HY-N0129
    Sclareolide 564-20-5
    Sclareolide is isolated from the flower of Salvia sclarea with antibacterial and cytotoxic activities.
  • HY-N0128
    Sclareol 515-03-7 ≥98.0%
    Sclareol is isolated from Salvia sclarea with anticarcinogenic activity. Sclareol shows strong cytotoxic activity against mouse leukemia (P-388), human epidermal carcinoma (KB) cells and human leukemia cell lines. Sclareol induces cell apoptosis.
  • HY-N2085
    L-Perillaldehyde 18031-40-8
    L-Perillaldehyde is a major component in the essential oil containing in Perillae Herba. Inhalation of L-Perillaldehyde shows antidepressant-like activity through the olfactory nervous function.
  • HY-N0827
    Perillene 539-52-6
    Perillene is a component of the essential oil, has antibacterial and antitumor effects.
  • HY-N9508
    Perilla ketone 553-84-4 99.80%
    Perilla ketone is a naturally occurring xenobiotic compound. Perilla ketone is activated by pulmonary P450 cytochrome enzymes in the lung, resulting in severe pulmonary damage and development of diffuse pulmonary edema.
    Perilla ketone