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  4. Solanum nigrum Linn.

Solanum nigrum Linn.

Solanum nigrum Linn. (6):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0068
    Solasodine 126-17-0 98.86%
    Solasodine (Purapuridine) is a steroidal alkaloid that occurs in plants of the Solanaceae family. Solasodine has neuroprotective, antifungal, hypotensive, anticancer, antiatherosclerotic, antiandrogenic and anti-inflammatory activities.
  • HY-N0070
    Solasonine 19121-58-5 98.43%
    Solasonine is a steroidal glycoalkaloid isolated from Solanum nigrum L.. Solasonine has cytotoxicity to human gastric cancer cells.
  • HY-N0069
    Solamargine 20311-51-7 ≥98.0%
    Solamargine, a derivative from the steroidal solasodine in Solanum species, exhibits anticancer activities in numerous types of cancer. Solamargine induces non-selective cytotoxicity and P-glycoprotein inhibition. Solamargine significantly inhibits migration and invasion of HepG2 cells by down-regulating MMP-2 and MMP-9 expression and activity.
  • HY-N2322
    Khasianine 32449-98-2 ≥99.0%
    Khasianine is a steroidal glycoalkaloid which is obtained from black nightshade (Solanum Nigrum L.), which displays antitumor activity.
  • HY-N6602
    α-Solanine 20562-02-1 ≥98.0%
    α-solanine, a bioactive component and one of the major steroidal glycoalkaloids in potatoes, has been observed to inhibit growth and induce apoptosis in cancer cells.
  • HY-N1917
    Alpha-Solamarine 20318-30-3
    Alpha-Solamarine is a glycoalkaloid isolated from Solanum aculeastrum.