1. Natural Products
  2. Plants
  3. Leguminosae
  4. Derris indica

Derris indica

Derris indica (3):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N2848
    α-Lapachone 4707-33-9 99.65%
    α-Lapachone shows trypanocidal activity.
  • HY-N2802
    Euptox A 79491-71-7
    Euptox A (9-Oxo-10, 11-dehydroageraphorone), a cadenine sesquiterpene, is the main toxin that can be isolated from Eupatorium adenophorum. Euptox A induces apoptosis by improving the gene expression level of apoptotic proteases such as caspase-10 in HeLa cells.
    Euptox A
  • HY-121811
    Pongamol 484-33-3 98.48%
    Pongamol (Lanceolatin C) is potent α-glucosidase inhibitor (IC50=103.5 μM) and has free-radical (DPPH) scavenging,antihyperglycemic, and antihyperglycemic activities.