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  4. Humulus lupulus L.

Humulus lupulus L.

Synonyms: hops

Humulus lupulus L. (8):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N1067
    Xanthohumol 6754-58-1 99.84%
    Xanthohumol is one of the principal flavonoids isolated from hops, the inhibitor of diacylglycerol acetyltransferase (DGAT), COX-1 and COX-2, and shows anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic activities. Xanthohumol also has antiviral activity against bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV), rhinovirus, HSV-1, HSV-2 and cytomegalovirus (CMV).
  • HY-N2584
    (2S)-Isoxanthohumol 70872-29-6 99.77%
    (2S)-Isoxanthohumol is a microbial biotransformed metabolite of the hop prenylflavanone Isoxanthohumol.
  • HY-107198
    (2S)-6-Prenylnaringenin 68236-13-5 99.78%
    (2S)-6-Prenylnaringenin is the most efficient compound in forebrain. (2S)-6-Prenylnaringenin acts as a GABAA positive allosteric modulator at α+β- binding interface.
  • HY-N2787
    8-​Prenylnaringenin 53846-50-7 99.30%
    8-prenylnaringenin is a prenylflavonoid isolated from hop cones (Humulus lupulus), with cytotoxicity. 8-prenylnaringenin has anti-proliferative activity against HCT-116 colon cancer cells via induction of intrinsic and extrinsic pathway-mediated apoptosis. 8-Prenylnaringenin also promotes recovery from immobilization-induced disuse muscle atrophy through activation of the Akt phosphorylation pathway in mice .
  • HY-N1066
    Xanthohumol D 274675-25-1 99.21%
    Xanthohumol D, isolated from hops, is an inhibitor of quinone reductase-2 (QR-2) with the IC50 value of 110 μM, and binds to the active site of QR-2. Xanthohumol D shows antiproliferative activity on human cancer cell lines in vitro.
    Xanthohumol D
  • HY-N2584A
    Isoxanthohumol 521-48-2 99.90%
    Isoxanthohumol is a prenylflavonoid from hops and beer. Isoxanthohumol exhibits an antiproliferative activity against several human cancer cell lines. Isoxanthohumol inhibits the development of lung metastatic foci in tumor-challenged animals. Isoxanthohumol shows an antiviral activity towards herpes viruses (HSV1 and HSV2) and bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV).
  • HY-N6084
    Humulone 26472-41-3
    Humulone (α-Lupulic acid), a prenylated phloroglucinol derivative, is a potent cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor. Humulone acts as a positive modulator of GABAA receptor at low micromolar concentrations. Humulone is an inhibitor of bone resorption. Humulone possesses antioxidant, anti-angiogenic and apoptosis-inducing properties.
  • HY-122966
    Desmethylxanthohumol 115063-39-3
    Desmethylxanthohumol is a prenylated hydroxychalcone isolated from hop cones (Humulus lupulus L.). Desmethylxanthohumol is a powerful apoptosis inducing agent. Desmethylxanthohumol has antiplasmodial, antiproliferative, and antioxidant bioactivities.