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  3. Simaroubaceae
  4.  Picrasma quassioides(D.Don)Benn.

 Picrasma quassioides(D.Don)Benn.

 Picrasma quassioides(D.Don)Benn. (4):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-W067479
    (E)-Cinnamamide 22031-64-7
    (E)-Cinnamamide, the less active isomer of Cinnamamide. Cinnamamide, a derivative of the plant secondary compound Cinnamic acid. Cinnamamide is effective as a non-lethal chemical repellent suitable for reducing avian pest damage.
  • HY-122932
    Neoquassin 76-77-7
    Neoquassin is found in Picrasma quassioides.
  • HY-N1581
    Quassin 76-78-8
    Quassin (Nigakilactone D) is a bioactive triterpenoid from stem bark extract of Quassia amara. Quassin inhibits P. falciparum with an IC50 of 0.15 μM. Quassin possesses reversible antifertility, anti-estrogenic and anti-plasmodial activity.
  • HY-N2128
    Nigakinone 18110-86-6 ≥98.0%
    Nigakinone is one of the most abundant alkaloids responsible for the major pharmacological activities of Kumu.