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  4. Piper longum Linn.

Piper longum Linn.

Piper longum Linn. (5):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N2329
    Piperlongumine 20069-09-4 99.87%
    Piperlongumine is a alkaloid, possesses ant-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiangiogenic, antioxidant, antitumor, and antidiabetic activities. Piperlongumine induces ROS, and induces apoptosis in cancer cell lines. Piperlongumine shows anti-cardiac fibrosis activity, suppresses myofibroblast transformation via suppression of the ERK1/2 signaling pathway. Piperlongumin could be used in the study of migrasome.
  • HY-N2891
    Aristolactam A II 53948-07-5
    Aristolactam A II is a Aristolactam. Aristolactam a small group of compounds mainly found in the Aristolochiaceae.
    Aristolactam A II
  • HY-N12121
    Piperundecalidine 88660-11-1
    Piperundecalidine is an amide alkaloids that can be purified from Piper longum L. Piperundecalidine shows various biological properties, such as anti-inammatory, analgesic, anti-amoebic, anti-depressant, hepatoprotective,etc..
  • HY-N12134
    Methyl piperate 6190-46-1
    Methylpiperic acid is a piperine alkaloid with significant MAO inhibitory activity (IC503.6 μM). Methylpiperic acid is less effective against MAO-B (IC 501.6 μM) than MAO-A (IC5027.1 μM) has a bidirectional inhibitory effect. Methylphenidate is used to treat mental disorders .
    Methyl piperate
  • HY-W748509
    Pipernonaline 88660-10-0
    Pipernonaline is a piperine derivative with antiprostate cancer activity. Pipernonaline inhibits the proliferation of androgen-dependent/independent LNCaP/PC-3 prostate cells. Pipernonaline activates caspase-3 and promotes procaspase-3/PARP cleavage. Pipernonaline also mediates reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, increased intracellular Ca(2+), and mitochondrial membrane depolarization.