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Valerianaceae (19):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N2070
    Acevaltrate 25161-41-5 99.88%
    Acevaltrate inhibits the Na+/K+-ATPase activity in the rat kidney and brain hemispheres with IC50s of 22.8 μM and 42.3 μM, respectively.
  • HY-N0380
    Nardosinone 23720-80-1 99.89%
    Nardosinone, isolated from Nardostachys chinensis, is the first enhancer of the neuritogenic action of dbcAMP and staurosporine. Nardosinone may become a useful pharmacological tool for studying the mechanism of action of not only nerve growth factor (NGF) but also both the neuritogenic substances.
  • HY-N2401
    Baldrinal 18234-46-3 99.60%
    Baldrinal is derived from the extracts of valerian rhizomes and roots, inhibits autonomic activity, and has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • HY-147811
    Heterophdoid A 2756016-53-0
    Heterophdoid A (Compound 1) is an anti-inflammatory agent. Heterophdoid A inhibits NO production with an IC50 of 5.93 μM in BV-2 cells.
    Heterophdoid A
  • HY-N10588
    Nardoguaianone K 443128-65-2
    Nardoguaianone K, a guaiane-type compound, can be isolated from Nardostachys chinensis roots. Nardoguaianone K cam be used in the research of pancreatic cancer.
    Nardoguaianone K
  • HY-125932
    Debilon 26808-51-5
    Debilon, a diterpene compound, is a natural product that could be isolated from the roots and rhizomes of Nardostachys chinensis.
  • HY-N7555
    Valeriotetrate C 904891-20-9
    Valeriotetrate C, a compound isolated from Valeriana jatamansi Jones, exhibits neuroprotective activity.
    Valeriotetrate C
  • HY-N8979
    Kanshone A 115356-18-8
    Kanshone A is a sesquiterpene isolated from the roots of Nardostachys chinensis (Valerianaceae). Kanshone A shows cytotoxic with an IC50 value of 7.0 µg/ml in P388 cells.
    Kanshone A
  • HY-N3446
    IVHD-valtrate 28325-56-6
    IVHD-valtrate, an active Valeriana jatamansi derivative, is against human ovarian cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. IVHD-valtrate induces cancer cells apoptosis and arrests the ovarian cancer cells in the G2/M phase. IVHD-valtrate has the potential to be a novel chemotherapeutic agent for the human ovarian cancer research.
  • HY-N9414
    Acetoxyvalerenic acid 84638-55-1
    Acetoxyvalerenic acid is a natural compound that could be found in valerian.
    Acetoxyvalerenic acid
  • HY-N3741
    Didrovaltrate 18296-45-2
    Didrovaltrate (Didrovaltratum) can be isolated from the roots of Valeriana wallichii D.C. Didrovaltrate is an antitumor agent with cytotoxicity.
  • HY-121345
    Homobaldrinal 67910-07-0
    Homobaldrinal is a decomposition product of Valepotriate (HY-N0718). Homobaldrinal exhibits genotoxic activity in the Salmonella/microsome test.
  • HY-N10588A
    Nardoguaianone J 443128-64-1
    Nardoguaianone J, a guaiane-type compound, can be isolated from Nardostachys chinensis roots. Nardoguaianone J can enhance SERT activity.
    Nardoguaianone J
  • HY-N8136
    Volvalerenic acid A 1247014-34-1
    Volvalerenic acid A is a germacrane-type sesquiterpenoid that can be found in the roots of Valeriana officinalis var. latifolia.
    Volvalerenic acid A
  • HY-N8103
    Heishuixiecaoline A 1469493-85-3
    Heishuixiecaoline A is a germacrane-type sesquiterpenoid. Heishuixiecaoline A shows protective effect on the neurotoxicity of PC12 cells induced by Aβ25-35.
    Heishuixiecaoline A
  • HY-N10321
    Kanshone C 117634-64-7 99.88%
    Kanshone C is a sesquiterpenoid of Nardostachys chinensis roots.
    Kanshone C
  • HY-N8138
    (-)-Isobicyclogermacrenal 73256-82-3
    (-)-Isobicyclogermacrenal is a natural sesquiterpene hydrocarbon.
  • HY-N7262
    Hydroxyvalerenic acid 1619-16-5
    Hydroxyvalerenic acid is isolated from Verbena officinalis, has a low toxicity with IC50 values of 123 and 165 μM against GLC4 and COLO 320 cells, respectively.
    Hydroxyvalerenic acid
  • HY-N8174
    Valeriandoid F 1427162-60-4
    Valeriandoid F is an iridoid, which potently inhibits NO production with an IC50 value of 0.88 μM. Valeriandoid F has anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities.
    Valeriandoid F