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Cat. No.: HY-100198 Purity: 98.21%
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PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 is a potent PI4KIIIβ inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.6 nM.

For research use only. We do not sell to patients.
PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 Chemical Structure

PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 Chemical Structure

CAS No. : 1881233-39-1

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Customer Review

    PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 purchased from MCE. Usage Cited in: Elife. 2017 Nov 1;6. pii: e29388.

    Inhibition of PI4KIIIβ by its specific inhibitor IN-10 for 20 min undocks EGFP-CHIP-K30A, but not farnesylated EGFP (EGFP-F) from cellular membranes.

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    PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 is a potent PI4KIIIβ inhibitor with an IC50 of 3.6 nM.

    IC50 & Target

    IC50: 3.6 nM (ΡΙ4ΚΙΙΙβ), 720 nM (PI3Kδ), ~1 µM (PI3KC2γ), ~10 µM (PI3Kα), ~3 µM (PI4KIIIα)[1]

    In Vitro

    PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 (Compound 10) is a potent PI4KIIIβ inhibitor with very minor off-target inhibition of PI4KIIIβ related lipid kinases. PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10 shows weak inhibition of PI3KC2γ (IC50 ~1 µM), PI3Kα (~10 µM), and PI4KIIIα (~3 µM), and <20% inhibition at concentrations up to 20 µM for PI4K2α, PI4K2β, and PI3Kβ[1].

    Preparing Stock Solutions
    Concentration Volume Mass 1 mg 5 mg 10 mg
    1 mM 2.1027 mL 10.5135 mL 21.0270 mL
    5 mM 0.4205 mL 2.1027 mL 4.2054 mL
    10 mM 0.2103 mL 1.0513 mL 2.1027 mL
    Please refer to the solubility information to select the appropriate solvent.
    Kinase Assay

    Lipid kinase assays are preformed using recombinant enzyme, phosphoinositides and γ32P-ATP in a membrane capture assay. Each inhibitor (e.g., PI4KIIIbeta-IN-10) is diluted into 10% DMSO and kinase assay buffer. Upon completion of the reaction, 4 µL is spotted onto 0.2 µm nitrocellulose. The membrane is dried for 5 minutes under a heat lamp followed by 1×30 second wash and 6×5 min washes in 1M NaCl /1% Phosphoric Acid. The membrane is dried for 20 minutes under a heat lamp followed by overnight exposure to a phosphor screen and phosphorimaging followed on a Typhoon 9500. Intensities are quantified using SPOT. Specifications for each enzyme follow. L-α-Phosphatidylinositol and DOPS:DOPC lipids are sonicated in water to generate 1mg/mL PI:DOPS:DOPC. Reaction is set-up as follows 1) kinase assay buffer, PI:DOPS:DOPC, BSA and PI4KIIIβ, are combined in a total volume of 10 µL (2.5x solution); 2) 5 µL of inhibitor solution is added (5x solution) and incubated with enzyme mixture for 15 minutes; 3) 10 µL cold ATP and γ32P-ATP are added (2.5x solution) to initiate the reaction which ran for 30 minutes. Final conditions are as follows: 20 mM Bis-Tris Propane pH 7.5, 10 mM MgCl2, 0.075 mM Triton X-100, 0.5 mM EGTA, 1 mM DTT, 100 µM PI, 500 ng/µL BSA, 2.5 nM PI4KIIIβ, 2% DMSO, 10 µM ATP and 1 uCi γ32P-ATP[1].
    MCE has not independently confirmed the accuracy of these methods. They are for reference only.

    Molecular Weight




    CAS No.




    Powder -20°C 3 years
      4°C 2 years
    In solvent -80°C 6 months
      -20°C 1 month

    Room temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere

    Solvent & Solubility

    DMSO: ≥ 30 mg/mL

    * "<1 mg/mL" means slightly soluble or insoluble. "≥" means soluble, but saturation unknown.

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