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Dopamine Transporter


Dopamine transporter (DAT) is a plasma membrane protein that mediates the reuptake of extracellular dopamine (DA) and controls the spatiotemporal dynamics of dopaminergic neurotransmission. DATs play a key role in terminating dopaminergic signalling and in maintaining a releasable pool of dopamine. DATs help to modulate the concentration of extraneuronal dopamine by actively shuttling released transmitter molecules back across the plasma membrane into dopaminergic neurons, where they can be sequestered for later reuse or enzymatic catabolism.

DAT is a principle target of various psychostimulant, nootropic, and antidepressant drugs, as well as certain drugs used recreationally, including the notoriously addictive stimulant cocaine. DAT ligands have traditionally been divided into two categories: cocaine-like inhibitors and amphetamine-like substrates. DAT is regulated by multiple signaling systems, such as PKC.

Dopamine Transporter Related Products (36):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-B1272
    Desipramine hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.92%
    Desipramine hydrochloride is an inhibitor of norepinephrine transporter (NET), 5-HT transporter (SERT) and dopamine transporter (DAT) with Kis of 4, 61 and 78,720 nM, respectively.
  • HY-13217
    Vanoxerine dihydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.91%
    Vanoxerine dihydrochloride (GBR-12909 dihydrochloride) is a competitive, potent, and highly selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor (Ki=1 nM). Vanoxerine dihydrochloride (GBR-12909 dihydrochloride) binds to the target site on the dopamine transporter (DAT).
  • HY-13779
    Inhibitor 99.80%
    J-147 is an exceptionally potent, orally active, neuroprotective agent for cognitive enhancement. J-147 can readily pass the blood brain barrier (BBB). J-147 can inhibit monoamine oxidase B (MAO B) and the dopamine transporter with EC50 values of 1.88 μM and 0.649 μM, respectively. J-147 has potential for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD).
  • HY-B1124
    Fipexide, a parachloro-phenossiacetic acid derivative, is a nootropic agent. Fipexide reduces striatal adenylate cyclase activity. Fipexide has positive effect on cognitive performance by dopaminergic neurotransmission. Fipexide is used for senile dementia research.
  • HY-B0557
    Inhibitor 99.59%
    Bisacodyl is a stimulant laxative agent that works directly on the colon to produce a bowel movement. Bisacodyl increases the secretion of PGE2 by direct activation of colon macrophages. PGE2 acts as a paracrine factor and decreases the expression of AQP3 in the colon, which inhibits water transfer from the luminal to the vascular side and leads to a laxative effect.
  • HY-155036
    Z1078601926 is an allosterical inhibitor of human dopamine transporter (hDAT). Z1078601926 has synergistic effect with Nomifensine (HY-B1110).
  • HY-116550
    Piroheptine hydrochloride
    Piroheptine hydrochloride is an anticholinergic agent to inhibit dopamine uptake. Piroheptine hydrochloride prevents loss of striatal dopamine induced by MPTP (HY-15608). Piroheptine hydrochloride can be used for research in Parkinson.
  • HY-W061043
    DOV-216,303 is an antidepressant compound. DOV-216,303 inhibits the reuptake of norepinephrine (NE), serotonin (5‐HT), and dopamine (DA), with IC50 values of 14 nM, 20 nM and 78 nM for hSERT, hNET and hDAT, respectively. DOV-216,303 increases monoamine release in the prefrontal cortex of olfactory bulbectomized (OBX) rats.
  • HY-B0979
    Lobeline hydrochloride
    Lobeline (α-Lobeline) hydrochloride is a brain-penetrant nicotinic receptor agonist. Lobeline hydrochloride increases dopamine (DA) release by inhibiting DA uptake into synaptic vesicles, and altering presynaptic DA storage. Lobeline hydrochloride is effective in smoking cessation.
  • HY-12850A
    Dasotraline hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.74%
    Dasotraline hydrochloride (SEP-225289 hydrochloride) is a triple reuptake inhibitor that blocks dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin transporters with IC50 values of 4, 6, and 11 nM, respectively.
  • HY-101315
    AHN 1-055 hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.82%
    AHN 1-055 hydrochloride is a dopamine uptake inhibitor, with an IC50 of 71 nM. AHN 1-055 hydrochloride binds with high affinity to the dopamine transporter (DAT).
  • HY-12242
    GBR 12935 dihydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.45%
    GBR 12935 dihydrochloride is a potent, and selective dopamine reuptake inhibitor, with the binding constant (Kd) of 1.08 nM in COS-7 cells. GBR 12935 dihydrochloride stimulates the locomotion activity in different mice strains but fails to induce stereotypy. Thus, GBR 12935 dihydrochloride also prevents the d-Fenfluramine-induced head-twitch response in mice.
  • HY-107740
    Pseudoisocyanine iodide
    Inhibitor 99.92%
    Pseudoisocyanine (iodide) is a pan inhibitor of monoamine transporters and organic cation transporters with antidepressant-like activity.
  • HY-B1124A
    Fipexide hydrochloride
    Fipexide hydrochloride, a parachloro-phenossiacetic acid derivative, is a nootropic agent. Fipexide hydrochloride reduces striatal adenylate cyclase activity. Fipexide hydrochloride has positive effect on cognitive performance by dopaminergic neurotransmission. Fipexide hydrochloride is used for senile dementia research.
  • HY-14472
    Inhibitor 99.35%
    Tesofensine (NS-2330) is a triple monoamine reuptake inhibitor inducing a potent inhibition of the re-uptake process in the synaptic cleft of the neurotransmitters dopamine (DA; IC50=6.5 nM), norepinephrine (NE;IC50=1.7 nM), and serotonin (5-HT;IC50=11 nM), and with potentials as an anti-obesity agent. Tesofensine is a CNS acting anti-obesity agent.
  • HY-16736A
    Centanafadine hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.93%
    Centanafadine (hydrochloride) is dual norepinephrine (NE)/dopamine (DA) transporter inhibitor, also inhibits serotonin transporter, with IC50s of 6 nM, 38 nM and 83 nM for human NE, DA and serotonin transporter , respectively.
  • HY-18332A
    Amitifadine hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.86%
    Amitifadine hydrochloride is a serotonin-norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor (SNDRI), with IC50s of 12, 23, 96 nM for serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in HEK 293 cells , respectively.
  • HY-18610
    Diclofensine hydrochloride
    Inhibitor 99.88%
    Diclofensine hydrochloride (Ro-8-4650 hydrochloride) is a potent inhibitor of monoamine reuptake, blocking the uptake of dopamine, noradrenaline, and serotonin by rat brain synaptosomes with IC50 values of 0.
  • HY-12850
    Dasotraline is a triple reuptake inhibitor that blocks dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin transporters with IC50 values of 4, 6, and 11 nM, respectively.
  • HY-111928
    Activator 98.29%
    5,7-Dimethoxyluteolin, a 5,7-dimethylluteolin derivative, is a dopamine transporter (DAT) activator with an EC50 of 3.417 μM.