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  2. Metabolic Enzyme/Protease
  3. MMP
  4. ADAM10 Isoform



ADAM10 Related Products (4):

Cat. No. Product Name Effect Purity
  • HY-115670
    Inhibitor 98.28%
    GW280264X is the mixed ADAM10/TACE (ADAM17) metalloproteinases inhibitor. GW280264X potently blocks TACE (ADAM17) and ADAM10 with IC50s of 8.0 nM and 11.5 nM, respectively. ADAM10 and 17 modulate the immunogenicity of glioblastoma-initiating cells.
  • HY-10293
    Inhibitor 98.09%
    Aderbasib (INCB007839) is a potent, orally active and target specific low nanomolar hydroxamate-based inhibitor of ADAM10 and ADAM17. Aderbasib exhibits robust antineoplastic activity and can be used for cancer research, including diffuse large B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, HER2+ breast cancer, gliomas, et al.
  • HY-108675
    PPNDS tetrasodium
    PPNDS tetrasodium is a selective and competitive meprin β inhibitor (IC50: 80 nM, Ki: 8 nM), and also inhibits ADAM10 (IC50: 1.2 μM). PPNDS tetrasodium is also a P2X1 receptor antagonist. PPNDS is an agonist for the ATP receptor of Paramecium. PPNDS tetrasodium potently inhibits polymerases from viruses. PPNDS tetrasodium can be used in the research of infection and cancers.
  • HY-120852
    Inhibitor 98.01%
    JG26 is an ADAM17 inhibitor, with IC50 values of 12 nM, 1.9 nM, 150 nM and 9.4 nM for ADAM8, ADAM17, ADAM10 and MMP-12, respectively.