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Signaling Pathway



(T-0070907; T 0070907)


T0070907 Chemical Structure

T0070907 is a potent and selective PPARγ antagonist with IC50 of 1 nM; displays > 800-fold selectivity for PPARγ over PPARα and PPARδ.

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Product name: T0070907
Cat. No.: HY-13202

T0070907 Data Sheet

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Biological Activity of T0070907

T0070907 is a potent and selective PPARγ antagonist  with IC50 of 1 nM; displays > 800-fold selectivity for PPARγ over PPARα and PPARδ.
IC50 Value: 1 nM
Target: PPARγ
in vitro: T0070907 blocks agonist-induced recruitment of coactivator-derived peptides to PPARγ in a homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence-based assay and promotes recruitment of the transcriptional corepressor NCoR to PPARγ in both glutathione S-transferase pull-down assays and a PPARγ/retinoid X receptor (RXR) α-dependent gel shift assay. Studies with mutant receptors suggest that T0070907 modulates the interaction of PPARγ with these cofactor proteins by affecting the conformation of helix 12 of the PPARγ ligand-binding domain. Interestingly, whereas the T0070907-induced NCoR recruitment to PPARγ/RXRα heterodimer can be almost completely reversed by the simultaneous treatment with RXRα agonist LGD1069, T0070907 treatment has only modest effects on LGD1069-induced coactivator recruitment to the PPARγ/RXRα heterodimer. T0070907 treatment inhibits proliferation, invasion and migration but does not significantly affect apoptosis. Molecular inhibition using a dominant negative (Δ462) receptor yields similar results. T007 also mediates a dose-dependent decrease in phosphorylation of PPARγ, and its ability to bind to DNA, and may directly affect mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling.
in vivo: Lipopolysaccharide preconditioning significantly attenuates the development of renal dysfunction, hepatocellular injury, and circulatory failure as well as the increase in the plasma levels of interleukin-1 [beta] caused by severe endotoxemia. T0070907 can attenuate all of these beneficial effects afforded by preconditioning with lipopolysaccharide.

Protocol (Extracted from published papers and Only for reference)


Chemical Information

M.Wt 277.66 Storage Please store the product under the recommended conditions in the Certificate of Analysis.
Formula C₁₂H₈ClN₃O₃
CAS No 313516-66-4
Solvent & Solubility

10 mM in DMSO

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1 mM 3.6015 mL 18.0076 mL 36.0153 mL
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10 mM 0.3602 mL 1.8008 mL 3.6015 mL

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