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Annonaceae (27):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0649
    Narcissin 604-80-8 99.72%
    Narcissin (Narcissoside), a flavonol glycoside, exhibits evident scavenging activity against both authentic ONOO- and SIN-1-derived ONOO- with IC50s of 3.5 and 9.6 μM, respectively.
  • HY-N8241
    N-trans-Caffeoyltyramine 103188-48-3 99.71%
    N-TRANS-CaffeoyLtyramine is an effective inflammatory response regulator, which has antioxidant activity and anticoagulation effects.
  • HY-B0935
    Benzyl benzoate 120-51-4 ≥98.0%
    Benzyl benzoate (Benzoic acid benzyl ester) is a fragrance ingredient in cosmetic products. Benzyl benzoate can be used for the research of Scabies and Demodex-associated inflammatory skin conditions.
    Benzyl benzoate
  • HY-N2318
    Podocarpic acid 5947-49-9 99.78%
    Podocarpic acid is a natural product, which has the best all-round positive effect and acts as a novel TRPA1 activator.
    Podocarpic acid
  • HY-N7203
    N-Caffeoyl O-methyltyramine 189307-47-9 98.37%
    N-Caffeoyl O-methyltyramine is a class of alkaloid isolated from Cuscuta reflexa with strong inhibitory activity against α-glucosidase (IC50 of 103.58 μM).
    N-Caffeoyl O-methyltyramine
  • HY-N3964
    Goniodiol 96422-52-5
    Goniodiol (compound 5) is a natural producr that can be found in Goniothalamus cardiopetalus.
  • HY-N7345
    Schizandriside 71222-06-5
    Schizandriside is a cerebroside, which can be isolated from Uvaria tonkinensis var..
  • HY-N3967
    Goniopypyrone 129578-07-0
    Goniopypyrone (compound 6) is a styryl-lactone that can be found in Goniothalamus tapis Miq.
  • HY-126066
    (-)-Syringaresinol 6216-81-5 99.95%
    (-)-Syringaresinol, found in stems of Annona Montana, possesses anti-cancer activity.
  • HY-N2877
    Annonacin 111035-65-5
    Annonacin is an Acetogenin and promotes cytotoxicity via a pathway inhibiting the mitochondrial complex. Annonacin is the active agent found in Annona muricata to act as an inhibitor of sodium/potassium (NKA) and sarcoplasmic reticulum (SERCA) ATPase pumps.
  • HY-N6805
    Isoeugenol acetate 93-29-8 98.92%
    Isoeugenol acetate (Acetyl isoeugenol), an essential oil constituent of nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon, shows excellent inhibitory effects against some metabolic enzymes such as acetylcholinesterase (AChE) enzymes (IC50=77 nM; Ki=16 nM), α-glycosidase (IC50=19.25 nM; Ki=21 nM), and α-amylase (IC50=411.5 nM). Isoeugenol acetate is used medical and cosmetics industries for its antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
    Isoeugenol acetate
  • HY-N9499
    3-Methoxyflavone 7245-02-5 99.88%
    3-Methoxyflavone is a flavonoid compound isolated from Artemisia incanescens with antiviral activity.
  • HY-N2051
    Zeylenone 193410-84-3 ≥98.0%
    Zeylenone, a naturally occurring cyclohexene oxide, inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis in cervical carcinoma cells via PI3K/AKT/mTOR and MAPK/ERK pathways.
  • HY-N7450
    Icariside D2 38954-02-8 ≥98.0%
    Icariside D2, isolated from Annona glabra fruit, inhibits angiotensin-converting enzyme. Icariside D2 shows significant cytotoxic activity on the HL-60 cell line with the IC50 value of 9.0 ± 1.0 μM. Icariside D2 induces apoptosis .
    Icariside D2
  • HY-122930
    Lysicamine 15444-20-9
    Lysicamine, a natural compound, possesses antibacterial, anticancer and anti-inflammation activity.
  • HY-N10606
    Uvagrandol potently inhibits α-glucosidase and porcine lipase (IC50: 15.2 μM, 11.2 μM respectively). Uvagrandol can be used in the research of Type 2 diabetes and obesity.
  • HY-N2052
    (-)-Zeylenol 78804-17-8
    (-)-Zeylenol, isaolated from stems of Uvaria grandiflora, possesses anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities.
  • HY-N2634
    Uvarigranol B 164204-79-9
    Uvarigranol B, a polyoxygenated cyclohexene, is obtained from the roots of Uvaria grandiflora Roxb (Annonaceae).
    Uvarigranol B
  • HY-N2635
    Uvarigranol C 172104-04-0
    Uvarigranol C, a polyoxygenated cyclohexene, is isolated from the stems of Uvaria boniana Finet. (Annonaceae).
    Uvarigranol C
  • HY-N7648
    Atherosperminine 5531-98-6
    Atherosperminine(Atherospermine)is a nature occurring alkaloid, has antiplasmodial activities in vitro, with an IC50 of 5.80 μM. Atherosperminine is a good reductant with the ability to chelate metals. Atherosperminine has scavenging activity towards the free radical DPPH, with an IC50 of 29.56 µg/mL. Atherosperminine exerts a non-specific relaxant effect on the trachealis.