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Polygalaceae (52):

Cat. No. Product Name CAS No. Purity Chemical Structure
  • HY-N0802
    Tenuigenin 2469-34-3 99.24%
    Tenuigenin is a major active component isolated from the root of the Chinese herb Polygala tenuifolia. Tenuigenin protects against S.aureus-induced pneumonia by inhibiting NF-κB activation. Tenuigenin has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • HY-W012123
    3,4,5-Trimethoxycinnamic acid 90-50-6 99.79%
    3,4,5-Trimethoxycinnamic acid is a phenylpropanoid isolated from the roots of Polygala tenuifolia WILLD, with anti-stress effect, prolonging the sleeping time in animals. 3,4,5-Trimethoxycinnamic acid increases expression of GAD65 and γ-subunit of GABAA receptor, but shows no effect on the amounts of α-, β-subunits.
    3,4,5-Trimethoxycinnamic acid
  • HY-N6076
    Tenuifoliside A 139726-35-5 98.07%
    Tenuifoliside A is isolated from Polygala tenuifolia, has anti-apoptotic and antidepressant-like effects. Tenuifoliside A exhibits its neneurotrophic effects and promotes cell proliferation through the ERK/CREB/BDNF signal pathway in C6 cells.
    Tenuifoliside A
  • HY-N0702
    Tenuifolin 20183-47-5 99.24%
    Tenuifolin is effective and has a protective action. Tenuifolin inhibits β-secretase decreases Aβ protein secretion, suppresses Aβ25-35 secretion, and subsequently caspase-3 and caspase-9 become active. Tenuifolin's ability to lower AChE activity, increase at the same time, increase the ability of the upper glands, and improve the ability to read and remember. Research on tenuifolin's potential for use in urinary disease (AD).
  • HY-N2099
    Onjisaponin B 35906-36-6 99.10%
    Onjisaponin B is a natural product derived from Polygala tenuifolia. Onjisaponin B enhances autophagy and accelerates the degradation of mutant α-synuclein and huntingtin in PC-12 cells, and exbibits potential therapeutic effects on Parkinson disease and Huntington disease.
    Onjisaponin B
  • HY-N10079
    Suchilactone 50816-74-5
    Suchilactone (Jatrophan) is a lignan extracted from Monsonia angustifolia E.Mey. Suchilactone binds to SHP2 and inhibits SHP2 activation, thereby inhibiting ERK-mediated cell proliferation. Suchilactone can be ued in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).
  • HY-N12812
    Tenuifoliose J 147742-15-2
    Tenuifoliose J is a neuroprotective oligosaccharide. Tenuifoliose J protects SY5Y cells induced by corticosterone (HY-B1618).
    Tenuifoliose J
  • HY-N12814
    Tenuifoliose C 139682-03-4
    Tenuifoliose C is an oligosaccharide that can be isolated from Polygala tenuifolia, used in neural-related research.
    Tenuifoliose C
  • HY-N2167
    Sibiricose A5 107912-97-0 98.67%
    Sibiricose A5 is an oligosaccharide ester isolated from Polygalae Radix with potent antioxidant activity.
    Sibiricose A5
  • HY-N1479
    Polygalic acid 1260-04-4 99.25%
    Polygalic acid, a triterpenoid saponin, is considered one of the major active constituents of Polygala tenuifolia.
    Polygalic acid
  • HY-N2216
    Polygalasaponin XXXI 79103-90-5
    Polygalasaponin XXXI (Onjisaponin F) is an effective adjuvant for intranasal administration of influenza Influenza hemagglutinin (HA) vaccine to protect influenza virus infection.
    Polygalasaponin XXXI
  • HY-N0392
    Polygalasaponin F 882664-74-6 99.74%
    Polygalasaponin F, an oleanane-type triterpenoid saponin extracted from Polygala japonica, decreases the release of the inflammatory cytokine tumor necrosis factor a (TNFa). Polygalasaponin F reduces neuroinflammatory cytokine secretion through the regulation of the TLR4-PI3K/AKT-NF-kB signaling pathway .
    Polygalasaponin F
  • HY-N1778
    3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid 2316-26-9 99.59%
    3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid (O-Methylferulic acid) is a monomer extracted and purified from Securidaca inappendiculata Hassk. 3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid exerts anti-apoptotic effects on L-02 cells via the ROS-mediated signaling pathway. Anti-apoptotic effects.
    3,4-Dimethoxycinnamic acid
  • HY-N4325
    Onjisaponin Z 1078708-72-1
    Onjisaponin Z is a natural product isolated from Radix Polygalae.
    Onjisaponin Z
  • HY-W017100
    2-Hydroxy-6-methoxybenzoic acid 3147-64-6 98.65%
    2-Hydroxy-6-methoxybenzoic acid can be used for the determination of acetylsalicylic acid and its major metabolite, salicylic acid, in animal plasma. 2-Hydroxy-6-methoxybenzoic acid exhibits significant analgesic effects.
    2-Hydroxy-6-methoxybenzoic acid
  • HY-N1414
    (E)-3',6-Disinapoylsucrose 139891-98-8 98.26%
    (E)-3',6-Disinapoylsucrose, the index component of Yuanzhi (Polygala tenuifolia Willd), possesses potent antioxidant activity and antidepressant effect.
  • HY-N0801
    Polygalacic acid 22338-71-2 98.92%
    Polygalacic acid, is a triterpene, isolated from the root of Polygala tenuifolia Willd. Polygalacic acid inhibits MMP expression. Polygalacic acid may have a therapeutic effect in Osteoarthritis (OA) treatment . Polygalacic acid exerts a significant neuroprotective effect on cognitive impairment, PA improves cholinergic system reactivity by inhibiting acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity, increasing choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) activity, and elevating levels of acetylcholine (Ach) in the hippocampus and frontal cortex.
    Polygalacic acid
  • HY-N2586
    Tenuifoliside C 139726-37-7 99.57%
    Tenuifoliside C, isolated from polygala tenuifolia willd, significantly inhibits chlorzoxazone 6-hydroxylation catalyzed by CYP2E1.
    Tenuifoliside C
  • HY-N4268
    Tenuifoliside B 139726-36-6 98.23%
    Tenuifoliside B, a component isolated from Polygalae Radix, inhibits potassium cyanide (KCN)-induced hypoxia and scopolamine-induced memory impairment. Tenuifoliside B shows potential cognitive improvement and cerebral protective effects. Tenuifoliside B has potential to become an anti-AD lead compound.
    Tenuifoliside B
  • HY-N2263
    Skimmin 93-39-0 98.38%
    Skimmin (Umbelliferone glucoside) is a coumarin found in Hydrangea paniculata, inhibits immune complex deposition, with anti-inflammatory activity.